Six Star Machinery
Industry Co. Ltd.

Customers who need high precision gears can rely on Six Star. Our manufacturing process ensures every detail is well planned and executed, and our precision measuring machines are used to produce products that comply with DIN, AGMA, JIS, and GB quality standards. To produce gears of this level, Six Star uses machines from established companies in America, Europe, and Japan.


IMTS 2024
2024 Manufacturing World Tokyo


To keep on the forefront of gear innovation, we invest significantly in both hardware and software improvement, including state-of-the-art gear design software and ...


Every step leaves its print. We have designed and produced gears more than 45 years and it differentiates Six Star from its competitors. We can provide ...


Use of cutting edge machines in conjunction with Six Star’s manufacturing process allows the production of gears that meet DIN-2, JIS 0 and AGMA 15 standards.